Solar energy

Solar energy through solarheting became primary aside business since 2008, while we bought first solarcollectors from China. With Enterprice Estonia cofunding we ordered from Tallinn Univercity of Technology the technical- and comparative analysis for vacum and flat collectors. The analysis found that solarenergy is useful in northern areas.
Technically they are similar with  some differences . The biggest difference was COP which was 25% hier than flat collectors has, while they are mounted to the roof with the optimum angle 46°  . This angle is also a limitation to the heatpipe collectors, whis have to be monted under the angle, because other way the system is not working opposite the flatt collecters which don´t have this limitation. So the heatpipe vacumtube hast to be monted between 35°-70°. Flat collectors and U-tube vacumtube collectors can be monted with no limitation of angle. The technical differences is allowing use flat collectors us a part of wall or roof. In northern region is much useful to use solar collectors as part of heating suystem, because most of energy we using is the heatenergy which can be heat or cool and after that we use electricity fich is from total consumption about 10%.  Otherhand the solarpanels which  is for regular people is PV-panel synonym has a lot of similarities with solar collectors, but at the end its, much easier to take in use and it´s has less problems as no leaks for example.

Solar collectors are pais off faster than PV-panels because Cop of regular PV- panels is only up to 20% meanewhile the solarcollectors has 90% - while they both have ideal condition for a sun. Solar collectors pais off faster while you have big consumption for heat.  It´s very suitable while you have pool, big unheated cellar, garage or other humid rooms or sauna. It´s also best solution for the ground source or geothermal heating while it´s can compensate the big overwinter heat consumption and in the summer can provide direct heating or domestic hot water.  With smaller systems, being a part of it, has a bigger pay off period, but it can provide more convenience to heat the system instead yourself. 


Solar energy technology development is fast and in fact this area is changing in daily basis. Through the years the solar energy materials are changed and also the methods to get and use it more effectively. So we are tring to be updated with the latest developments and changes in the market. 

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Mihkel Tuul
Globalfund LTD